Elipse Consultants are well adapted to providing services to public, private and non-profit entities.

EC has served a variety of Virgin Islands government agencies including, the Housing Authority, the Water & Power Authority, Waste Management Authority, and the Department of Public Works. In the U.S. we have worked with the Atlanta Public Schools the City of East Point Georgia, The City of College Park Georgia, and KCEL Corporation in Houston, Texas.  We also serve several residential clients at all our locations.

  1. Civil Engineering
  2. Environmental Engineering
  3. Structural Engineering
  4. Plant Engineering
  5. Planning and Surveying
  6. Engineering Sciences

Utility Service Experience

  1. EPS/GIS Mapping
  2. Manhole Assesment
  3. Data Management
  4. Water Distribution system design
  5. Sewer Collection system design

EC other services and capabilities includes:

  1. Project Engineering
  2. Site/infrastructures Design
  3. Natural Disaster Damage assessment & remediation design