Personnel Name & Time with Organization Position Summary Experience Project Responsibilities
Grafton Rodríguez P.E.

18 years



In-depth knowledge of local regulations  over twenty years project engineering and management experience on local design and construction projects has worked with local government officials on numerous capital improvement projects site design and hydrology studies.
  1. Overall project oversight
  2. Establish project approach & guidelines
  3. Manage & coordinate
  4. Construction drawings & specifications
  5. Erosion control systems
Anthony Rodríguez, Ph.D. MCP

18 years


Principal-Houston Operations

    1. In-depth knowledge of public administration, policies and standards
    2. GIS Mapping (Assoc. Professor in GIS)
    3. Construction means and methods
    4. Project costing/scheduling
    5. Municipal Ordinance Development
    6. Comprehensive Planning – Capital Improvement Planning – Historic District Plans – Zoning Ordinance Development
    7. Neighborhood Special Plans

Special Districts – Coastal Zone ManagementGrants and Fund DevelopmentPublic Participation – Project LogisticsMaster Planning

  1.  QA/QC
  2. Liaise with Client and permitting agencies as needed
  3. Business Development
    · ·
Horace Alleyne R.L.S.

8 years

Land Surveyor/

Senior Engineer

  1. ·      Over 30 years surveying experience
  2. Local surveying experience.
  1. GPS & as-built site surveys
  2. Confirm existing topography & physical features
  3. Identify site property boundaries